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10th October 2017
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13th May 2020

Luxury Travel

What’s important about luxury travel to you? Tell us in the comments please…

The growth of Luxury travel has exceeded the industry values for the past few years. This trend is especially apparent in Africa’s mover and shakers taking more top seats in aircraft than in the past.

It is good news for hear amongst the doom and gloom, but the reality is that there is allot of expectation in this market arena. It is defined by a consumer who is very well connected to their personal tastes and knowledgeable in the options they have at their avail.

In a recent survey it was quoted, that there as many as 6 different type of Luxury Travellers. These are defined mostly by what they believe, to be a true vacation, spend and time available and critically the personal intricacies, of what YOU consider luxury.

For some its the gentle breeze through your Bush lodge, under the night skies, for others absolute opulence, on a 6-star yacht, or is it just being completely secluded in privacy?
It may even be the peace of mind of personal professional handling every aspect of your group or family trip.

Tell us what defines Luxury Travel to you???