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Why choose the Wy-Go way?

Why or as we like to spell it “WY”…the eternal question that drives mankind to do the things we do. WY do you want to travel…?

WY is this destination, event or sports occasion important to you…?

At WY-GO we have based our business philosophy around this question, because when we understand the WY, we can provide you with the ultimate experience. By harnessing all our resources, years of experience, we can focus on creating the experience that matches your vision and dreams!

We don't just organise your trip

We offer destination experiences…Wy-Go does the planning, organising
and coordinating - you do the enjoying, experiencing and memory building.

We are involved from inception to completion of your group travel all within a carefully managed budget. Our extensive network within the travel industry ensures we can cater to all your needs and wants.

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Sought-after destinations

Our international network means we can put you in the destination of your choice, everything from Island holidays, to the ultimate sport and adventure experience or once in a lifetime corporate incentive trip. If it’s a luxury romantic getaway, a weekend away following your favourite sports team or the challenge of climbing Mount Everest, Wy-Go has the package for you.

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