Top Gear Track Challenge

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30th September 2020
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19th October 2020

Top Gear Track Challenge

An absolute must for anyone that’s fancied a go on a Top Gear Challenge. Join the team at the Zwartkops Raceway for a short but riveting racing experience, with three of its eight corners fast and challenging and one forming a 180-degree hairpin. Designed to cater for all but the fastest of modern car machinery, lap times of just under 55 seconds have been achieved.

Your race car will be the Volkswagen Polo and during a warmup lap your instructor will teach you the techniques required to get the best time before you drive your top-speed lap.  Your lap will be recorded by a dash cam and later compared to the rest of the team’s in the “Top Gear studio”.

Available in Johannesburg.

Rates available upon request.

T&Cs apply