Iceland Is Open

Mauritius Says It Is COVID-19 Free
14th May 2020
Air Travel – Coronavirus Covid-19
4th June 2020

Iceland Is Open

Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, has announced that Iceland will reopen its borders from June 15 and the 14-day quarantine will not be mandatory for passengers arriving at Keflavík International Airport. Instead, tourists and Icelandic residents entering the country will be given the option of being screened for COVID-19, eturbonews reports.

After being screened at the airport, arriving passengers will go to their overnight accommodation to await the results.

Arriving passengers will also be asked to download the COVID-19 tracing app ‘Rakning C-19’ which helps authorities trace the origin of transmissions.

The proposed border opening depends on the continued decline of cases in Iceland and could also be implemented earlier than June 15 if the number of cases remains low.

Source: Travel Info